Twitter Scheduling Toolfor Notion

The easiest way to schedule tweets and threads for Notion users.

Never leave your Notion again

You keep everything, notes, and ideas in one place, using another tool to tweet drives you crazy? Not anymore.
No more copy-paste and things get messy.
Plan, write, publish, and archive your tweets in one place!

Write in Notion

See a preview of your tweets

See how your tweets and threads will look on Twitter, directly in Notion, while you're typing.
Never worry your tweets will look bad or exceed limit on Twitter.

See preview of tweets

Your content calendar

See your published and scheduled posts in one place by creating Notion Calendar views and customizing to your liking.
Queue publish and update their statuses automatically for you.

Content calendar

Set a posting schedule

Set a posting schedule and Queue automatically pick a time for you. No more thinking about posting time.
To change which posts get published first, simply drag and drop pages in Notion.

Posting schedule

And many more features

Queue don't change how you use Notion, it just adds the ability for you to review, schedule, publish, and track your posts, all in one place.

Schedule Threads

Create and schedule threads with Notion blocks like texts, images, GIFs, lists, to-dos, bookmarks, etc.

Any Database

Connect to any databases and views that you're using. No need to change your workflow.

Content Pipeline

Create a Board view to build a content pipeline, from ideas, to in-progress, review, and publish.

Content Archive

Keep a copy of your posts in your Notion for reference in other places, without doing any extra work.

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